Dead end: He was my dad’s age?

I stated I was interested in men around my age…

Tom, Dick and Harry sent me dead-end winks and notes…Harold sent me the most amusing, clever, smart communique I’d ever received.

The photos he posted were of his car, his dog, his pool and his wine cellar.

Red flags were flappin’ Anytime a person fails to post their actual photo on a Dating Site – they are hiding something. Big time.

phone-1610203__340    I know The Rules

Rule #1.   Do not exchange more than five emails before speaking on the phone. Imaginations fly sky high when a volley of emails and flirty text messages fill a week.

Rule #2.   Never engage with a person who doesn’t post a photo. No Photo/No Communication.

Rule #3. Google the Internet Date. Check Linkedin. Read their Yelp reviews. Are they a Pinterest person or a Trip Advisor? 

clock-2756127__340   Flash Forward three months – We were both very busy – I was in London for two weeks and he was in Seattle for a month. Life happened. 

I had been ‘seeing’ a couple of guys … both turned out to be “friend material.” 

Out of the blue – Harold reached out- included his last name- no current photos.

Like anyone else, I immediatley Googled the Guy and found out he was close to my dad’s age! He was famous, accomplished, divorced – no kids, a couple of homes. And old.

He sent me a photo.


I wished him well and said we were not a match. Next!

Has this happened to you?

Tell me

He thought he was so smart


His name on was Mr San Francisco 17

He did not post a photo of himself – just 10 stunning photographs of San Francisco ( lifted from the free site Pixabay) Okay, give him points for creativity – take away points for not posting his real photograph. Some people post fake photos.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out – fake photos may entice and attract – however, the minute someone meets you in person – the jig is up. You can tap dance as fast as you can trying to explain the need for privacy, modesty, discretion – all that jazz – you are still a fake.


Clever “Mr SF” met his Match-on-Match when Shelia-Skiier-Tahoe agreed to meet him at Starbucks on the Alameda. Kids, no one in their right mind posts a photo of Marilyn Monroe and claims the ID. Shelia – in a what was I thinking mood did. 


MR SF walked into Starbucks, Shelia was seated at a table by the window looking for a San Francisco kind of a guy. On the phone, planning the date,  he said he would be “casual.”

Define Casual.

He walked right by her and she looked right through him. They sat at seperate tables sipping their coffees, waiting, scouring their phones – to kill time. Twenty minutes passed and Shelia became angry – she had been stood up.

Across the busy cafe, he became riled and decided to call the Tahoe Skiier. He dialled her number, she picked up and he asked her where she was. She asked him where he was. He said, “Starbucks,” and she loooked around. There were three guys speaking on their phones near her. Evidently, the tall, thin, red-head with the dressy, black leather pants was ‘the guy.’

He looked nothing like the John Cusak photo posted. Momentarily indignant, realizing her folly, she stood up and walked over to the red-head. 

No one but the two of them knows what was said. She walked out first. He sat at the table- looking our the window and watched her drive away in a brand new, red Tesla.

He always want to drive a Tesla, he called her again.

She didn’t pick up.