Floods of lies fill the streets of DC


Brett was never the sharpest knife in the drawer. Think butter knife.

While only 36, his memory seems to fail -about really important matters -like:

Are you married? To Whom? Where does your wife work? Do you have any affiliation with the White House?


“Brett Talley,  massively unqualified and hugely Politically Extreme judicial nominee who the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans voted for unanimously last week?

The one who Has Never Ever Argued a case in a court of law and who Pledged his Loyalty to the NRA just weeks after the Sandy Hook Massacre?


Mr. Talley was asked on his publicly released Senate questionnaire to identify family members and others who are “likely to present potential conflicts of interest.” He did not mention his wife. […]

Mr. Talley also did not mention his wife when he described his frequent contact with White House lawyers during the nomination process.”