The Melody Nightmare

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Hank was 40 and suddenly single and now living in Los Angeles. Much to his shock and chagrin, his almost-fiancee  got “cold feet” (actually, she fell madly in love with they guy next door (randy, hedge fun cowboy) who gave her a Tesla, and keys to his places in Beverly Hills, Maui and Aspen.

Never mind that, enough time had passed, and he was ready to date.

He met Melody at a Gelson’s glam grocery in Hollywood. She was striking– dressed head-to -toe in very expensive labels. She had a long, blonde mane of beautiful hair and was squeezed into an ensemble that fit her like a glove. They met in organic produce and kept talking all the way to Checkout


He asked her to go out for a drink. There was a mutual exchange of business cards. Two nights later, they were seated at a swank LA bar. He thought: just to meet and greet check her out, that’s all.

They chatted and flirted. Then, she ordered a second drink. Her façade cracked and sweet Melody became a bit pushy and announced, “I’m hungry.”

Hank-between a rock and a hard place- asked the bartender for a menu. It turns out Melody was actually  “famished” and she ordered the Lobster Caviar Entrée ($75)


Then, she was very abrupt with the waiter, and downright abusive to the busboy.

A gentleman, he waited until she finished her entrée. He asked for the check. He had enough and announced he had very early meeting the next day. He would have to say good night. He quietly settled the sky-high bill and dashed.


She was ordering another drink as he left.

He was thinking about what the famed Beach Boy, Brian Wilson, said:

“I think I need the demons in order to write, but the demons have gone. It bothers me a lot. I’ve tried and tried, but I just can’t seem to find a melody.”

Hank had a whopper for him.







Flirting! That’s what I am talking about


Welcome to my world.

I was recently  hired for a quick, three-month assignment at Anonymous X to work my magic and <pouf> disappear. It’s what I do, this year. It’s been fun – I’ve met some very fun people.

Until I got here.

This is what my world looks like.

Men (boys) glued to their machines with not an iota of social graces. I grew up in the South – with manners. Everyone I know, from home, has manners. We greet one another – we flirt, we engage, we talk, we go out for drinks.

We go  places – not just bars. We aim to leave work early – usually.

Where are the Fun People?


Whispering never works


Dating 101: If you want to get noticed…you are going to have to kick it up a notch and sing your own praises…

There is no reason to bellow and trumpet your myriad fabulous qualities.                                                        

Your manners will speak volumes.

Guys, do you hold the door open for a date? Do you walk on the outside? Do you stand when she returns to the table – or when a friend approaches? Do you offer to pick up the tab or graciously split it with her? 

When it comes to conversation, do you ask questions, listen and carry a conversation?

Remember, on a first date you don’t want to monopolize a conversation – however, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Touting a few of your better qualities isn’t against the rules. Bragging is.


Ladies, remember: you get one chance for a first impression.


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