Sneaking behind our backs? Civil Servants? Ha!


Tuesday night, as many Americans were preparing for bed,

 The Old Boys Network- Senate -voted to give broad lawsuit immunity

to The  Credit Card Companies,

to Auto lenders,

to Credit reporting companies like the nefarious Equifax,

and many other financial firms.     Immunity from Lawsuits?


The 50-50 tie in the Senate was broken by the brave, bold, wise

Vice President Mike “The Man” Pence 

 The House approved the “Lawsuit Immunity Measure.”


(See: Here)


Quelle surprise! #45 is expected to sign it!

Meeting Planners! White House is hiring


#45  Put a Meeting Planner, Lynne Patton, in Charge of Both

 New York and New Jersey’s Billions of Dollar Budget

Housing Programs.

This is not Fake News.


No Experience Required

According to New York Magazine, the most recent hire, Lynne Patton, is said to be  very qualified for a job overseeing Billions of Taxpayer Dollars because she planned Eric Trump’s wedding.

 In addition, she worked at some of Eric’s infamous ‘Celebrity’ Golf Tournaments. Uh oh…Eric’s nefarious Charity Golf Scams are under pretty intencse scrutiny by the US Government. ( The Real Government)


“All you need is a tiny bit of experience.”