Dead end: He was my dad’s age?

I stated I was interested in men around my age…

Tom, Dick and Harry sent me dead-end winks and notes…Harold sent me the most amusing, clever, smart communique I’d ever received.

The photos he posted were of his car, his dog, his pool and his wine cellar.

Red flags were flappin’ Anytime a person fails to post their actual photo on a Dating Site – they are hiding something. Big time.

phone-1610203__340    I know The Rules

Rule #1.   Do not exchange more than five emails before speaking on the phone. Imaginations fly sky high when a volley of emails and flirty text messages fill a week.

Rule #2.   Never engage with a person who doesn’t post a photo. No Photo/No Communication.

Rule #3. Google the Internet Date. Check Linkedin. Read their Yelp reviews. Are they a Pinterest person or a Trip Advisor? 

clock-2756127__340   Flash Forward three months – We were both very busy – I was in London for two weeks and he was in Seattle for a month. Life happened. 

I had been ‘seeing’ a couple of guys … both turned out to be “friend material.” 

Out of the blue – Harold reached out- included his last name- no current photos.

Like anyone else, I immediatley Googled the Guy and found out he was close to my dad’s age! He was famous, accomplished, divorced – no kids, a couple of homes. And old.

He sent me a photo.


I wished him well and said we were not a match. Next!

Has this happened to you?

Tell me


She said he was Boorish with no Polish. Half right.

Cynthia fell for the much older, wealthy man with the Maserati, condo on Nob Hill, house in Tahoe and a “place” in the desert.

It took two months of razzle-dazzle dates: jaunts to the Napa for lunch at Auberge du Soleil and wine tastings, dinner at the notoriously expensive Season, a weekend at the “Desert House” (a luxurious five-bedroom manse with a stunning kitchen bigger than her condo with a walk-in refrigerator; pool; orchid forest, etc) before she really “got” him.

Beguiled by his wealth, “toys,” trips and small, but expensiv trinkets from Tiffany’s, she eventually woke up. 

Harold said he had accumulated a great deal of wealth first in the liquor business, then in real estate, and as a result of some very “shrewd” investments.

Google the Guy

Cynthia’s very best friend, Patsi, was impressed by the enormous wealth of this  guy and was delighted to see her friend swept off her feet, enjoying such a romantic tryst with a real tycoon.

Curiosity prompted her to Google, Harold Cowle, the self-proclaimed multi-millionaire. Patsi the paralegal knew how to dig deep for details and what to her wondering eyes should appear – details indicating old Harold had kept some pretty risque company. A few of his pals were wearing orange jump suits at white-collar crime “joint.”

Actually, Harold was of Polish origin – his legal name was Kowalczyk of the infamous clan involved in Bernie Madoff type Ponzi schemes.

Based on these reports, Cynthia broke it off with Daddy Big Bucks and tells all her single girls friends to Google the Guy, every time.

The party is over.