The Unicorn’s Cousin and Prince Charming


Skeptics and cynics will tell you Prince Charming is not real. These same people will claim to have seen a unicorn.


High above the tree line in the Santa Cruz mountains is a secret trail known to very few people. Children are warned about playing, hiking or exploring this region. A few years back, two 12-year old boys rode their mountain bikes as high as they could, found the brambles and the felled  tree trunks to be too difficult to traverse, and continued to climb the hills on foot. Feeling bold and invincible, they pressed on until was close to dusk. There was more shade than sunshine and it was cold. They agreed to turn back when they heard a thrashing and crashing in the bushes ahead of them. At first, they thought: wild turkeys. Then, they heard the loud whinny of a horse. In a flash of bright light, a massive animal reared on it’s back legs and charged towards the boys. They fell to the ground in pure fright. And both boys shrieked. They saw the unicorn!


The boys learned pretty fast, if you want to be teased, ridiculed and made fun of all through middle school – say you saw a unicorn – you can deflect an urban legend with quick wit, lies and sneers.

Urban Legend or Real: Prince Charming?

Women around the world are on the look out for their Prince Charmings. Raised on a diet of sweet fairy tales, girls dream, doodle, pursue and hope for the day, ( sing it with me )

Someday Your Prince Will Come.

Fact: There  are more princes than unicorns in California