Honestly, making a point?



At first, Sven was her idea of a Norse god. He was a big, blond, hunk of a man who, when he wrapped her in a hug, made her like-a-woman:  w-o-m-a-n!

While he was usually unemployed, and often “a wee bit short on funds” he had a secret gig. After one glass of Silver Patron, on the rocks with a twist, too many, he revealed his secret acting career with a local Personal Injury attorney in Los Gatos.

Hit and Run to the Bank?

The two men had cooked up a clever scheme where – on cue – Sven walked across a busy intersection, head down, reading Proust, and would  “walk” into an upscale car in a crosswalk. He bragged his Academy Award Performance evolved into a “You ran over my foot!” (expletives flying.)

As fate would have it, his so called “silent partner” would be crossing the street and was a witness. Timing.

She was initially impressesd with the color, the drama, the scheme and the great gobs of cash Sven eneded up with each month. Sven bragged he even tutored his little sister in the ‘scheme.’  Perisa, with a neck and arms covered in tats, neon purple hair,  and a partially shaved skull was even more dramatic than her older brother. He took a cut from her action and was doing quite well.sixty_yrs_old_2

Sven toppled from upon high as she ascertained what a real crook he was and she promptly ditched the dude.

She couldn’t relate to his lack of ethics and cavalier crook modus operandi.


Sing It Loud Facebook Post-2


Caution: The letter “whot he wrote”

Beware the ideas of Matchmakers

Trixie was so exited, she had just paid the hefty fee ($3000) and signed up                with Matchmakers Sacramento* Her “Romance Counselor” Kitty,  told her she would be inundated with wonderful men her age!


Kitty  assured Trixie that there were dozens of men that fit the description of her “Dream date.” She said there were more men in her age group (30-50) than any other.

She also divulged that the company didn’t use any of those newfangled contraptions call computers; that there were highly-trained, highly-motivated,  educated, Real Matchmakers.

Trixie left the office on Cloud Nine

Two weeks flew by and she had heard nothing from the Matchmaker. She called Kitty and inquired about the “long list” of potential men 

Kitty said she was looking for the one, really perfect, connection for her and didn’t want Trixie to waste her time on anybody that wasn’t less-than-perfect. She did say, she just enrolled a very handsome, mature, bachelor. He preferred to send and receive hand-written notes rather than speak on the phone. Quaint or queer?

Trixie thought this was odd. What the heck. She sat back and waited another week.

Monday morning, the mail brought a plain white envelope with what appeared to be a child’s handwriting. Curious, she opened the letter and tried to transcribe the scrawl.


Henry from Petaluma wrote:

I scent you a letter last week and it came back to me.

Please sent me a letter.

Loving kisses,


At first, Trixie thought this was a joke. Perhaps one of her friends was teasing her. Nope, the postmark was actually Petaluma. She promptly called  Kitty to inquire; she told her that Henry was a very nice guy- a hunter -with a heart of gold.

The following day, another letter arrived in the mail with the photograph of Henry and his friends.He wrote on the back, “Me and the duck dudes.”


Trixie called “Fowl!”

She tired to get her money back from the company. However, she was told that “Matchmaker had an iron clad contract”  which precludes any reimbursements.

Trixie is now telling anyone who will listen about “Matchmaker”(Sonoma, Sacramento, Walnut Creek.)telephone-handset-1678302__340

The good news is she met a guy in line at Whole Foods  in Novato, three months ago, and all is well in her world. A very expensive lesson.


*See YELP reviews HERE

Read Comments here:

1.) Sacto Matchmakers most unethical company I have came across.  I joined this company back in May 2016.  After calling me and trying to introduce me to people that were not in my criteria I requested a refund.  They refused to refund me I even took them to court and they still refuse to refund me.  I told them from the start I’m not interested to deal with them as I found out how bad their company is they refused to refund me.  Out of 4 matches they introduced me to 1 person totally a mismatch, then they gave me a phone number of another, he never called therefore we never meet but this company considers that as a 2nd match.

I just wanted my money back as I don’t believe in their service and their ethics.

2.) Watch out for these people they are the biggest scammers I have come across.  You would think if you don’t use the service and you are not happy with the service from the first couple of weeks they should refund at least part of the money back!

3.) Just warning you don’t use this company or you might learn the expensive way after you join them.  By the way this company is under different names(California Singles)  which they passed me on to.
4.) Suffice it to say this is definitely a bait and switch operation.  My dates ended up costing me about $750 each and most were just coffee dates.  Save your money try online or something else.