Falling on Rubber Bubbles Street


Chanelle and George met at the Kaiser Eye Clinic.

They both were late for their 4:40 appointments and had rushed into the empty waiting room, perplexed. They each checked their phones to verify the appointment time and tried to imagine where everyone was.

The continued talking while waiting for the receptionist to appear. At five o’clock, a security guard wandered in – surprised to see anyone and explained that earlier, an alarm went off and the floor was evacuated.

He explained, only the parking garage elevator was working, which is how the two arrived at the empty room.  And, Kaiser would call to re-book their appointments. George asked her if she wanted to grab cup of coffee – she suggested a Margarita Happy Hour down the block and they have been together ever since. Ole!

George fell madly in love with her. He said he had never been happier and each day, it was like walking on air. He wrote her sweet poetry, brought her flowers and sent her romantic greeting cards.

Chanelle’s ex-boyfriend was a creep – it turns out. It took her awhile to realize- every thing she did was wrong – according to The Grump. She once likened being with him was a minefield…of water balloons. She tripped and fell and bounced back – only to trip up again.

She says her vision improved the day she met George.