Anna Logg speaks out


Dating 2016 and Mixed Signals

Need a compass,  GPS, and a Map to traverse the complicated highways of Dating 2016?

Join the Club!  Anna Logg, a Silly Valley Socialite and bon vivant is ready to throw in the towel.

She wrote to say: “Whats wrong with men today? Man buns? Kilts? There are as many men in my nail salon as women. I walk into “Let’s Face it,” My spa,  -and there are five metro-sexuals in the waiting room all reading Men’s Fitness and  Men’s Health. (Leading articles: “Best way to clean your bum” and “Best Vites for a Perky Penis”)

I want a guy, just the guy, who married dear old mom. 

I want a fast talking, fast walking, Warrior.

I may have to move.

Love,  Anna